Located in Webster NY, Bene-Care partnered with Marbi Technology is here to support your company with strategic payroll solutions, capital management technology, and more. Contact us at 585-414-2905!

Marbi Technology
Mid-sized business owners

Comprehensive Solutions for Your Business

Marbi Technology also partners with Bene-Care, a Webster, NY-based benefits, payroll, and HR solutions company. Providing personal, proactive, and powerful resources, Bene-Care provides peace of mind to small and mid-sized business owners.

Mid-sized business owners

With knowledgeable counsel and strategic tools, Bene-Care will help you to minimize administrative burdens, maximize your employees’ satisfaction, and more. Manage employee data with iSolved human capital management technology (HCM) in addition to integrating other critical HR functions into that same iSolved solution. We are here to provide you with payroll service and HR solutions that truly perform for not only you but also your employees and company as a whole.

Bene-Care + Marbi Technology – An Extension of Your Team!

Streamline your current HR processes with the help of Bene-Care’s technology. You will be able to simplify, eliminate headaches, communicate clearly with employees, and more. Plus, we provide the service you’d expect from a close partner, not a broker. Bene-Care will work with you to stay proactive while compiling all of your employee data, benefits, payroll, and HR into one easy-to-use place. To learn more, call the professionals at Marbi Technology at 585-414-2905!

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