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Let’s give your business what it needs to grow.

Marbi + Korona

Advanced, cloud-based retail POS system that comes with integrated payments, inventory management, and real-time reporting. Marbi + Korona is designed for small business owners who expect the best retail point of sale solution.

Product Inventory

With advanced inventory management, learn which product are best to promote with your loyalty program.

Real-time Metrics

See your customer database in real-time so you always know exactly what’s going on in your store.

Complete CRM

Reach out to your best customers through email, SMS texts, branded apps, and more.

bLoyal Integration

Integrate with bLoyal for the most powerful loyalty program for wineries, breweries, and much more.


Marbi + Korona’s Cloud POS System Tools That Will Change Your Business

WIth Marbi + Korona’s cloud POS software, your point of sale needs will always be fulfilled. You never have to be concerned about staying up-to-date because we take care of it for you. Updates occur automatically on each POS terminal and it never costs an extra penny.

Create Plastic 
& Digital Gift Cards

Easily make gift cards to as a reward to your best shoppers. Customize your rewards program however you see fit.

In-Depth Reporting

Get real insight into your loyalty program through KORONA’s inventory management system. Learn what sells best and at what price.

Consolidated Customer Sales Data

No matter which channel a customer used to make a purchase, keep all the history in a single database.

  • How can I switch from my current payment provider?
    Depending on the terms of the contract that you signed with your current provider, you may or may not be subject to cancellation fees. Marbitech will do everything possible to ensure that you experience a smooth transition and onboarding process so that you do not experience any costly interruptions to your business.
  • What POS systems does Marbitech provide?
    Marbitech is a proud distributor of some of the industry’s most recognizable and respected POS providers, including Korona and Vend. Vend is a web-based point of sale system that works on both Mac and PC, online and offline. Korona’s offers a powerful desktop point of sale option and is compatible with tablets and mobile devices.
  • Is your platform secure?
    Marbitech leverages the most advanced security technology such as end-to-end encryption and tokenization. We employ active fraud detection and prevention to protect your business revenue and your customers’ data.
  • Are there hidden fees?
    Never. Marbitech believes in transparency and earning our customers’ trust. We charge a flat processing fee which will be fully explained and documented when you signup.
  • What separates Marbitech from other payment processors?
    Marbitech is not a traditional payment processor. While we offer the latest POS systems and technology, our all-in-one platform provides advanced data analytics and reporting features. You get a 360° view of your customers and business, including powerful insights to help you boost your revenue and grow your business. Moreover, you can leverage customer data to provide personalized and unique customer experiences.
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