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Marbi Analytics

Marbitech Analytics: Maximize Your Profits and Grow Your Business with Actionable Data Insights

Actionable Insights from Anywhere

With Marbitech, you can learn what’s driving your business and track key performance metrics from anywhere. View sales in real-time, customer buying behaviors, demographics, and even analyze employee performance on our user-friendly dashboard using your favorite device.

Customized Analytics Reports

Get detailed reports and powerful insights that are tailored to your business. Break your POS data down into specifics to determine your peak operating hours, best-selling items, monthly sales trends, and so much more.

Accelerate Decision-Making

Our advanced analytics and reporting features allow small and midsize businesses to automate their payment processes. This makes it simple to assess, analyze, and translate your data into actionable business insights allowing you to make informed decisions in real-time.

Turn Insights Into Profits

Aggregate and leverage your sales data from multiple channels and locations. Gain a complete view of your business and customers. Leverage your data to improve your sales conversion rate and marketing ROI.

Business owner analyzing trends with Marbi Analytics
Business meeting viewing actionalble insights from Marbitech Analytics
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Analytics at Your Fingertips

Most small and midsize businesses rely on manual processes and disparate payment systems. Not only is this inefficient but it makes it impossible to draw meaningful insights from your data. At Marbitech, we are committed to giving smaller businesses access to the same advanced analytics and payment automation solutions as their larger competitors at just a fraction of the cost.


Our single and unified analytics platform is accessible from anywhere. The platform’s user-friendly dashboard gives you a 360° view of your business and the insights that you need to maximize your profits and grow your business.

Business signing up for Marbitech

Ready to Try Marbitech?

Are you ready to experience the industry’s best credit card processing services and analytics platform? Learn how Marbi Technology can empower your business to better serve your customers and make faster and more informed decisions. 

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